Best & Worst of Horror Genre Series

Best & Worst of Horror Genre Series

#1 - It Follows

Join Chris and Chris (The Film Freak at as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) It Follows, the 2015 horror film directed by David Robert Mitchell.

We delve into what we consider to be the craftsmanship of great horror.

Listen to us attempt to understand the rules of It.

Are we looking too much into layered storytelling in this movie.

We explain why one moment turned our feelings on the film.

And we end by dissecting the unanswered questions including the ambiguous ending.


0:00 - Intro

2:57 - Act I

29:55 - Trivia

35:28 - Act II

59:33 - Different Takes

1:08:00 - Act III

1:27:06 - Ratings/Final Thoughts


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#2 - The Babadook

Join Chris and Chris (The Film Freak at as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) The Babadook, the 2015 horror film directed by and starring newcomers Jennifer Kent and Essie Davis, respectively.

This podcast is seemingly brought to you by one of our favorite YouTube reviewers!

We feel very strongly about this film - as it elicits an all-time response from one of us.

We question what is real as we nearly go mad dealing with this life-blocking child.

What is the Babadook?

And someone goes ALL OUT with their rating.


0:00 - Intro

3:26 - Act I

36:48 - Trivia

42:20 - Act II

1:06:49 - Different Takes

1:15:53 - Act III

1:41:10 - Ratings/Final Thoughts


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#3 - The Witch

Join Chris as he falls under the VVitch's spell and forgets what year it is!

Then he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) The Witch, the 2016 horror film directed by Robert Eggers and starring Anya Taylor-Joy.

This movie is tough to understand in many ways - or is it?

There is a timeless tale to be dissected here but is it any good?

The ambiguous witch in the film begs discussion.

And that ending is truly something special...but in a good or a bad way?

If thou just listenth to the words of this podcast a world of butter, broomsticks and psychological trauma awaits.


0:00 - Intro

3:39 - Act I

17:56 - Trivia

19:16 - Act II

25:41 - Different Takes

29:48 - Act III

39:48 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

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#4 - Blood Lake

Join Chris & Chris as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Blood Lake, the 1987 indie horror slasher film directed by Tim Boggs & starring Angela Darter Duckett.

To begin our 2nd month of horror on the podcast we finally cover the campy slasher that is not only a special movie for The Film Freak but it's also an all-time kind of mystery with an unprecedented ending!

We've got a standard horror movie plot...but with a twist. There's an insanely mysterious & ominous killer cowboy stalking young partying knife fodder.

What separates this rare cult classic is: Hilarious water skiing fails, some of the most questionable parenting of the 80s, endless boat trips, a super scary killer cam AND a literal act of God!

Join Chris & The Film Freak as they endure gory-ish kills, a perplexing killer reveal and more pink socks than we're comfortable with.


10:00 - Act I

34:40 - Act II

52:04 - Act III

1:14:58 - Different Take

1:19:50 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

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#5 - It: Chapter One

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) It: Chapter One, the 2017 remake/reboot of Stephen King's beloved book and nostalgia-fueled 90s TV mini-series, this time directed by Andy Muschietti & starring Bill Skarsgard.

Continuing our 2nd month of horror Chris dives into the 'big budget' mega-hit, clown-filled movie that aims to be FAR scarier than it's predecessor!

We see the resurgence of the uber-famous Pennywise the clown, meet our fantastic ensemble of child actors, endure nightmarish visuals, a super spooky haunted house AND an R rating in this terrifying coming-of-age tale.

We must also confront some our worst fears including a scare gauntlet of a 1st act, floating children, mullet bullies, a mystery of children going missing every 27 years, a tough scene to watch, monsters and, unfortunately, a script that leaves an important character in the dust.

Join Chris as he faces the scariest of all the killer clowns from outer space.


14:34 - Act I

38:10 - Act II

56:14 - Act III

1:13:56 - Different Take

1:21:00 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

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#6 - 1st Annual Horrorcast

Join Chris and Chris (The Film Freak) on this special 1st ever annual Halloween episode dedicated entirely (with FULL SPOILERS) to the greatness, and hot garbage, of the beloved genre that is horror!

We award many films (through some nifty categories) and debate over the real meat of this podcast - the runner ups.

We praise our favorite horror killers, lavish in our favorite kills and furiously rip on the countless failures over the years.

We break down our Top 10 Best and Worst in the genre.

It all builds to the epic countdown to our Greatest Horror Film of All Time!


10:23 - Best of Each Decade

52:24 - Best Theme/Music!

1:01:00 - Top 10 Worst (10 through 3)

1:35:20 - Worst Honorable Mentions

1:46:19 - Top 3 Worst!

1:58:42 - Best of Each Sub-Genre

2:23:29 - Top 3 Kills!

2:33:46 - Greatest Horror Killer!

2:38:03 - Best and Worst Story

2:46:46 - Top 10 Best (10 through 2)

3:03:33 - Greatest Horror Film of All Time!

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 Happy Halloween!

#7 - Horrorcast II: Chucky Series

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) the ENTIRE Chucky Series. From the original in 1988 to 2017's latest chapter - Chris breaks down each entry and then ranks the popular(?) horror slasher movie franchise.

Don Mancini writes the whole killer doll film series, even directing the last 3 entries, all starring the legendary Brad Dourif in his most famous role - Chucky!

First, we begin in the creepy & inspired 80s full of dark atmosphere & real world terrors in Child's Play.

Second, we walk a bloodier yet direct path to sequeltown in Child's Play 2.

Third, we questionably enlist at a joke of a military school in Child's Play 3.

Fourth, Ronny Yu changes the whole game...with marriage! in Bride of Chucky.

Fifth, we venture to Hollywood for a disgusting parody nobody was ready for in Seed of Chucky.

Sixth, we soft reboot back to the horror roots and introduce a bold new star! in Curse of Chucky.

Finally, we go crazy at a mental hospital and confront Chucky's army in a next-level gory showdown in Cult of Chucky.

This is a gauntlet episode full of screaming murderous dolls, blood, guts, other..bodily..secretions and even a literal death by fright!

*Warning: Chucky screams alot. Like alot*


Child's Play Review - 5:48

Child's Play Rating - 30:45

Child's Play 2 Review - 32:47

Child's Play 2 Rating - 50:23

Child's Play 3 Review - 51:31

Child's Play 3 Rating - 1:09:32

Bride of Chucky Review - 1:11:00

Bride of Chucky Rating - 1:39:54

Seed of Chucky Review - 1:41:15

Seed of Chucky Rating - 2:11:11

Curse of Chucky Review - 2:12:48

Curse of Chucky Rating - 2:37:35

Cult of Chucky Review - 2:39:07

Cult of Chucky Rating - 3:08:00

Top Kills - 3:11:36

Series Rankings - 3:14:43

Want to watch the movies themselves? Well we've conveniently got all the Amazon links right here:

I. Child's Play II. Child's Play 2 III. Child's Play 3 IV: Bride of Chucky V: Seed of Chucky VI: Curse of Chucky VII: Cult of Chucky

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#8 - Escape Room

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews Escape Room, the 2019 horror/thriller movie directed by Adam Robitel & starring Taylor Russell.

Six strangers accept an invitation to a deadly game of mystery rooms and must conquer their darkest secrets in order to survive.

It's a January movie (not a good sign right?) but it's got a premise that's easy to deliver on. Are the deaths satisfying? Are the characters likable? Is the story ridiculous? Is there a twist? Is Karen from Daredevil any more tolerable?

Most importantly, how bad is that sequel setup?? 


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#9 - Us

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews Us, the 2019 horror film, directed by Jordan Peele & starring Lupita Nyong'o.

With his sophomoric effort, Peele is determined to create another award-worthy horror movie.
A family's serenity turns to chaos when a group of doppelgängers begins to terrorize them.
Sounds like a recipe for another mind-bender!

But does it come together with as great a story as Get Out? Does Lupita have what it takes to carry a slasher movie? (Trick question - the answer is obviously). Is Jordan Peele a new master of horror? What's up with those red outfits? Is Winston Duke just Homer from The Simpsons?

Most importantly, can 'I Got 5 On It' get any effing creepier?!


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