DCEU Movie Series

DCEU Movie Series

#1 - Man of Steel

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews Man of Steel, the epic 2013 action comic book movie, directed by Zack Snyder & starring Henry Cavill.

Clark Kent is an alien who as a child was evacuated from his dying world and came to Earth, living as a normal human. But when survivors of his alien home invade Earth, he must reveal himself to the world.

It's been a long time since Christopher Reeves has blessed the screen as the greatest superhero in history. Do Zack Snyder & Henry Cavill have the chops to bring the man in tights to justice after the failure(?) of Superman Returns?
Is General Zod as crazy as before? How awesome is that action? Should Supes save humanity or fly off and get drunk in the sun? Is this a worthy origin story? How does it stack up against the other DC films?

Most importantly, is this the best Superman film?


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#2 - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Join Chris and author Mark Pedersen as as they analyze and review (with FULL SPOILERS) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the R-rated ultimate extended cut directed by fan favorite Zack Snyder.

Our deepest apologies (not really) for the length of this podcast as we go so in-depth with this mammoth epic of a film. *listening at 1.5 speed might make for some extra laughs with chipmunk voices*

Zack Snyder sure knows how to film these beautiful people.

One of us periodically becomes an 8-year old boy in this episode.

We try to break down for once and all what the hell Jesse Eisenberg is doing in this movie.

Mark has 2 science fiction fantasy novels ready for your reading pleasure. Available on Amazon - right here in fact:

AND we tackle the glorious yet divisive 3rd act. Strap in folks!


0:00 - Discussion on Mark's 'Wars Of The Hunted' book trilogy

6:24 - Intro

10:25 - Act I

1:43:40 - Different Takes

1:46:57 - Act II

2:12:00 - Trivia

2:18:31 - Act III

3:25:16 - Final Thoughts/Ratings


Thank you so much for listening!

#3 - Suicide Squad

Join Chris (and Drew for a spell) as they analyze and review (with FULL SPOILERS) Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer.

They dissect the divisive 2016 film; breaking down what works and what doesn't work.

They try to understand what this movie wants to be.

We have a brand new Joker as well as our first Harley-Quinn! How do we feel about these beloved characters?

We have to discuss the team-building in this flick.

And Drew pops in to offer his opinion, which is very different from Chris'.


0:00 - Intro

2:52 - Act I

25:08 - Trivia

28:15 - Act II

42:02 - Different Takes

45:46 - Act III

58:25 - Chris' Rating

59:52 - Drew's Take

1:15:29 - Drew's Rating

Thank you for listening!

#4 - Wonder Woman

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews Wonder Woman, the 2017 DC comic book action movie directed by Patty Jenkins & starring Gal Gadot.

When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, a warrior in training, leaves her amazonian home of Themyscira to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny. 
Sounds like a classic epic in the making!

She finally gets big-budget justice. But does it satisfy? (Obviously). Is it the best DC movie? What's the villain situation? Is Chris Pine dreamy? Is Zack Snyder love for gods and destruction all over this movie? Where's the invisible jet?

Most importantly, why did she skip WWII?!


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#5 - Justice League

Join Chris & Mark as they analyze & review Justice League, the 2017 epic DC comic book action movie, directed by Zack Snyder (?) & starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Mamoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher & Henry Cavill.

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his new-found ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.

We all know the story behind-the-scenes (sort of), but did the end product deliver on what we wanted after 4 years of buildup?
Is Batman as badass as before? Is Aquaman more than just a bro? Is Wonder Woman better than ever? Is the Flash annoying? Was Cyborg completely shafted by Whedon's reshoots? Is Superman really dead? (sigh)

Most importantly, does this villain set a new bar?!


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#6 - Aquaman

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews Aquaman, the 2018 DC action/adventure movie, directed by James Wan & starring Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard & Nicole Kidman.

Arthur Curry, the human-born heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, goes on a quest to prevent a war between the worlds of ocean and land. But is it a worthy quest?

Does Khal Drogo have what it makes to anchor a big-budget solo film? Is Black Manta as cool as he looks? Does James Wan bring his horror mastery to DC? IS THAT NICOLE KIDMAN IN ACTION?!

Most importantly, is this the best DCEU film?


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#7 - Shazam!

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews Shazam!, the 2019 DC superhero comedy/action movie, directed by David F. Sandberg & starring Zachary Levi. 

We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson's case, by shouting out one word - SHAZAM! - this streetwise fourteen-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult superhero Shazam.

DC has finally caved and decided to go full comedy...but was it a wise choice? Have they figured out their villain situation? Is it at least fun like Aquaman? Is it epic like Wonder Woman? Is it a mess like BvS? And why can't he use his real name?

Most importantly, how funny was that cameo?


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Yet to come!..

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