DCEU Movie Series

DCEU Movie Series

#1 - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Extended Edition

Join Chris and author Mark Pedersen as as they analyze and review (with FULL SPOILERS) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the R-rated ultimate extended cut directed by fan favorite Zack Snyder.

Our deepest apologies (not really) for the length of this podcast as we go so in-depth with this mammoth epic of a film. *listening at 1.5 speed might make for some extra laughs with chipmunk voices*

Zack Snyder sure knows how to film these beautiful people.

One of us periodically becomes an 8-year old boy in this episode.

We try to break down for once and all what the hell Jesse Eisenberg is doing in this movie.

Mark has 2 science fiction fantasy novels ready for your reading pleasure. Available on Amazon - right here in fact:

AND we tackle the glorious yet divisive 3rd act. Strap in folks!


0:00 - Discussion on Mark's 'Wars Of The Hunted' book trilogy

6:24 - Intro

10:25 - Act I

1:43:40 - Different Takes

1:46:57 - Act II

2:12:00 - Trivia

2:18:31 - Act III

3:25:16 - Final Thoughts/Ratings


Thank you so much for listening!

#2 - Suicide Squad

Join Chris (and Drew for a spell) as they analyze and review (with FULL SPOILERS) Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer.

They dissect the divisive 2016 film; breaking down what works and what doesn't work.

They try to understand what this movie wants to be.

We have a brand new Joker as well as our first Harley-Quinn! How do we feel about these beloved characters?

We have to discuss the team-building in this flick.

And Drew pops in to offer his opinion, which is very different from Chris'.


0:00 - Intro

2:52 - Act I

25:08 - Trivia

28:15 - Act II

42:02 - Different Takes

45:46 - Act III

58:25 - Chris' Rating

59:52 - Drew's Take

1:15:29 - Drew's Rating

Thank you for listening!

Yet to come!..

  1. Wonder Woman - October 2018

  2. Man of Steel - November 2018

  3. Justice League - November 2018

  4. Aquaman - January 2019

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