Interview Collection

Interview Collection

#1 - Chris Kessinger (The Film Freak)

Join Chris as he interviews Chris Kessinger aka THE Film Freak.

We take a quick journey through the story of The Film Freak's inception and what drives his hub of honest reviews.

We get into his worst theatre experience as well as the worst film that he's ever seen - and it still haunts him to this day.

And things get personal as we reflect on one of the greatest lessons he has ever learned.

Jump into Welkin One's first interview as Chris and Chris share the storytelling of their lives.

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#2 - Katherine Ralph of NewFoundFitLife

Join Chris as he interviews Katherine Ralph of Newfoundfitlife!

We dive into Newfoundfitlife's origin story and the founding stories that molded Katherine.

We discuss what happiness is (to us) and how we go about achieving it.

We talk the importance of goals and accountability, meditation and of course yoga.

A couple of stories bring us to some of the toughest lessons we've ever learned.

The human condition is our obstacle and also our unique strength - help us understand how to transcend.

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#3 - Danielle Dallaire of

Join Chris as he interviews Danielle Dallaire of Double Toasted!

We discuss what drives Danielle to utilize her many talents to go about achieving happiness, daily, in several areas.

We dive into some of the greatest lessons life has placed in her path - and what they taught her.

And we explore the open mind and perspective that makes Danielle so unique.

Listen in and help us understand how to use the great power that we all possess.

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