Alien & Predator Series

Alien & Predator Series

#1 - Prometheus

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) Prometheus, the 'prequel' to the classic sci-fi movie masterpiece, Alien, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Fassbender.

In this contemplative space horror film legendary director Ridley Scott returns to the Alien franchise with an entry full of mythos meant to explore the origins of both mankind and the mysterious space jockey introduced in the 1979 original!

We are drawn to a unknown structure on a distant moon with some deep & pure sci-fi. Ridley Scott's masterful visual eye is in full force here and it leaves so much to discuss.

The exceptional Michael Fassbender attempts to produce one of the greatest android performances depicted on screen - how does he fare?

An epic 3rd act gives us intense character reveals, hardcore horror, 'answers' to the engineers and the mysterious origin of the uber-famous Xenomorph.

Join Chris en route to Alien: Covenant!


14:46 - Act I

35:54 - Act II

50:09 - Act III

1:13:16 - Different Take

1:16:06 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

How does Ridley Scott's epic return to sci-fi fare for you? Let us know!

#2 - Alien: Covenant

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) Alien: Covenant, the sequel to 2012's Prometheus and prequel to the classic sci-fi movie masterpiece, Alien, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Fassbender.

The master is behind the camera of an Alien film again; this time with new writers, a new cast and a new branding title. Do we get new results?

We follow up on threads from the previous franchise film and set the tone early with dread. We embark on a super important colonization mission that is deterred in order to investigate the engineer home planet with some hardcore sci-fi!

We explore the mysterious planet and quickly get into the horror and back to the series' signature slasher roots. We get lots of kills and several creatures as well as, FINALLY, answers to Prometheus.

We explore the origins of the famous Xenomorph, get a massive plot twist, indulge in some awkward fingering AND experience some epic action. But does it all come together to create a satisfying end product?


15:36 - Act I

35:49 - Act II

51:55 - Act III

1:07:33 - Different Take

1:12:36 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

How does Ridley Scott's 2nd Alien prequel fare for you? Please let us know!

#3 - Predator

Join Chris, Jeff & Vincent as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Predator, the classic 1987 action horror film directed by John McTiernan & starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the prime of his cigar-chomping career.

We enter the Central American jungle to follow Dutch & his badass rescue crew as they are hunted by one of the most iconic creatures in cinematic history.

This is a supremely confident, mega-machismo war movie..but there's a hint of horror..then it's a gloriously gory slasher with beach ball biceps..& then it becomes the greatest showdown put to screen!
..or is it?

Was that opening shot a mistake? Is Bill Duke's performance secretly the best part of the movie? Do Dutch & the Colonel have a hidden past? Is that the most undignified death scream we've ever heard?

That 3rd act. Kinda memorable, right? But was it the best choice for the story? Is it even a good fight? Is there a better battle cry in film?

Join us as we dive through more Predator history than we're comfortable with, come up with a death scene for Billy, choose our favorite kill, get silly with the line recitals, & prepare ourselves for 2018's (& Shane Black's) The Predator!


ACT I - 33:42

ACT II - 1:05:00

ACT III - 1:39:58


RATINGS - 2:12:06

Watch Predator on Amazon & Listen to Alan Silvestri's legendary Score.

Is this the greatest action movie of all-time? Please let us know your thoughts!

#4 - AVP: Alien VS Predator

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) AVP: Alien VS Predator, the big crossover sci-fi horror action event film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

This epic franchise-blender of a movie features a classic horror premise as well as both the uber-famous Xenomorph & Predator! Does it work for Chris? How does it compare the classic originals?

An ancient pyramid is discovered under the ice of Antarctica. We set up a hardcore battle between 2 extraterrestrial behemoths while also exploring the origins of civilization!

A polarizing 3rd act with an unlikely team-up for the big boss showdown all leave Chris about to burst. But does all of this live up to the potential of both beloved movie series'?

Join Chris en route to Alien: Covenant!


13:21 - Act I

26:14 - Act II

35:58 - Act III

51:01 - Different Take

54:38 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

How does the 1st epic AVP crossover fare for you? Let us know!

Yet to come!...

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