Scream Series

Scream Series

#1 - Scream

Join Chris and Amanda as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Scream, the 1996 classic horror film directed by Wes Craven.

This is a genre-defining film that taught us the familiar slasher movie rules that we still use to this day. But does the film itself hold up?

This script is beyond meta. But is it smart? More importantly - is it scary?

Ghostface goes for the ultimate win in this first film - but does the killer reveal satisfy?

And it's impossible to not reference Scary Movie, the hilarious parody of this, as it is sometimes tough to discern the two.

Is the 90's classic a recommend in our books? Listen and find out.


6:19 - Act I

22:56 - Trivia

26:22 - Act II

33:00 - Different Takes

37:51 - Act III

52:48 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

#2 - Scream 2

Join Amanda and Chris as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Scream 2, the 1997 follow-up to the classic horror film directed by Wes Craven.

Does this self-aware sequel actually manage to out-do the already beloved original?

We utilize our Scream-developed killer formula to take our guesses at our new Ghostface(s). Does the climatic reveal satisfy?

We explore the effects and importance of this decidedly more diverse and expanded cast.

And there is an intense Cotton Weary movie in here that we really want to see!

Does the sequel live up to the high standards Wes Craven set just one year prior?


3:27 - Act I

29:59 - Trivia

33:30 - Act II

42:37 - Different Takes

48:11 - Act III

1:00:44 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

#3 - Scream 3

Join Chris and Amanda as they finally analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Scream 3, the horror movie sequel from 2000 directed by Wes Craven.

We uncover this lost episode to break down the third and supposedly final entry in the mega-popular Ghostface film series.

Help us try to understand the curious story choices of this definitely, until 2011, concluding chapter to Sidney's encounters with masked serial killers.

Chaos ensues as the very meta cast scramble to figure out who smelt the gas...

We quickly offer a not so different take.

We get excited (sigh) over a special Jamie Kennedy appearance..

And we finally get to the third act with the big reveals! Everything we thought we knew - was wrong. But does it satisfy?


8:21 - Act I

26:49 - Act II

39:16 - Different Take

40:32 - Act III

57:23 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

Did Wes Craven's trilogy leave you satisfied? Let us know!

#4 - Scream 4

Join Chris and Amanda as they finally analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Scream 4, the horror movie sequel from 2011 directed by Wes Craven (his final film).

We uncover this lost episode to break down the fourth and probably final chapter in this slasher film franchise.

It's been 11 years so the bar has been significantly raised (gore!) - can Wes Craven and company not only exceed these new expectations but also make up for the disappointment that was Scream 3?

This new entry has a huge, familiar cast (of old and new faces) adding to the tension of the classic whodunit premise.

We get kills galore as well as a special appearance by Annie's boobs..

We need to dissect that intense and self-referential third act bloob-bath with a surprise or two that had us gasping.

Help us conclude these mega-popular Ghostface flicks - ending with a ranking of the series!


9:59 - Act I

28:01 - Act II

35:53 - Different Take

37:13 - Act III

50:08 - Ratings

53:15 - Series Rankings and Final Thoughts

Did Wes Craven's fourth stab live up to the original for you? Let us know!

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