X-Men Film Series

X-Men Film Series

#1 - Logan

Join Chris & Amanda as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Logan, the 2017 comic book action film directed by James Mangold & starring (supposedly for the final time!) Hugh Jackman in his career-defining role - Wolverine!

In his 3rd solo outing, our titular & beloved character is beyond hurt & withered. New forces, and secrets, emerge from the dark of this superhero western - drawing him to discover his purpose. Plus he's R-rated. Bloody blades galore!

This movie review has us in dire straights with honest & vulnerable, gut-wrenching character work combined with INTENSE violence.

The critical stakes are rooted in deep family drama that looks to subvert the genre - but does it succeed in seperating itself? Is this the best X-Men movie?

We end with a bloody epic forest battle that has Wolverine in full glory! We get a vicious final showdown & an ending that we need to discuss.

AND we make a little announcement about the podcast's upcoming schedule!


ACT I - 17:44

ACT II - 39:00

ACT III - 1:00:28


RATINGS - 1:20:16

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Is this the best X-Men film? Let us know!

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