A Nightmare On Elm Street - Spoilercast #25

A Nightmare On Elm Street - Spoilercast #25

Freddy tortures The Film Freak on the Welkin One podcast as they cover 2010's A Nightmare On Elm Street, from beginning to end, in this spoiler episode.

Join Chris and Chris (The Film Freak) as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) A Nightmare On Elm Street, the 2010 Freddy Krueger film starring Jackie Earle Hayley.

This is a remake/reboot of the beloved Wes Craven original - as well as the horror series that was incredibly popular in the 80's. How does it stack up to the best (or worst) of the originals?

Freddy is creepier than ever. But is it a fun creepy?

We, of course, take a few moments to discuss each film in the series.

There's a whole lot of emo kids in this movie. Do they die (of course!) in terrifying/satisfying ways?

And we go a bit crazy with our reviews.


3:31 - Intro

4:31 - A Nightmare On Elm Street series

14:10 - Act I

39:31 - Trivia

44:11 - Act II

57:30 - Different Takes

1:07:38 - Act III

1:21:17 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

1:24:37 - Series Rankings

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