Halloween - Spoilercast #27

Halloween - Spoilercast #27

Rob Zombie terrorizes the Welkin One podcast as The Film Freak joins to break down the 2007 Michael Myers remake, Halloween, from beginning to end in this spoiler episode.

Join Chris and Chris (The Film Freak) as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Halloween, the 2007 Michael Myers film directed by Rob Zombie.

This is a remake/reboot of the beloved John Carpenter original - as well as the horror series that was incredibly popular in the 80's. How does it stack up to the best (or worst) of the originals?

Michael Myers is more realized than ever before. But is it too much?

We, of course, take a few moments to discuss each film in the series.

This movie has a hard R rating. Does Rob Zombie's twisted vision work for us?

Do we have a new horror masterpiece on our bloody hands? Listen and find out.


4:00 - Halloween series

15:39 - Act I

46:39 - Trivia

49:01 - Act II

1:06:06 - Different Takes

1:13:00 - Act III

1:29:27 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

1:35:41 - Halloween II (H2) Ratings

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 Happy Halloween!


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