1st Annual Horrorcast! - Spoilercast #30

1st Annual Horrorcast! - Spoilercast #30

The 1st annual celebration of Horror films, on this special Welkin One podcast episode, scares itself to an epic length as The Film Freak helps award the Best and Worst that our beloved genre has to offer.

Join Chris and Chris (The Film Freak) on this special 1st ever annual Halloween episode dedicated entirely (with FULL SPOILERS) to the greatness, and hot garbage, of the beloved genre that is horror!

We award many films (through some nifty categories) and debate over the real meat of this podcast - the runner ups.

We praise our favorite horror killers, lavish in our favorite kills and furiously rip on the countless failures over the years.

We break down our Top 10 Best and Worst in the genre.

It all builds to the epic countdown to our Greatest Horror Film of All Time!


10:23 - Best of Each Decade

52:24 - Best Theme/Music!

1:01:00 - Top 10 Worst (10 through 3)

1:35:20 - Worst Honorable Mentions

1:46:19 - Top 3 Worst!

1:58:42 - Best of Each Sub-Genre

2:23:29 - Top 3 Kills!

2:33:46 - Greatest Horror Killer!

2:38:03 - Best and Worst Story

2:46:46 - Top 10 Best (10 through 2)

3:03:33 - Greatest Horror Film of All Time!

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 Happy Halloween!

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