Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince - Spoilercast #44

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince - Spoilercast #44

It's time for our penultimate trip to Hogwarts as we break down, from beginning to hopeless end, the Boy Wizard's 6th installment, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, with this spoiler episode.

Join Chris and Chelsey as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, the 2009 fantasy movie sequel directed by David Yates and written by JK Rowling.

Harry, Hermione and Ron enter their 6th and last school year at Hogwarts and the stakes are higher than ever! A massive budget upgrade as well as multiple huge revelations make this installment an intense setup for the Boy Wizard's epic finale.

Our series-long debate kicks into overdrive as relationships spark, sizzle, boil and are tested by their most drama-filled adventure.

Stakes are raised while mysteries run rampant as we try to figure out just who this Half-Blood Prince is. More importantly, why?...

We get a bit silly with the teen antics but then hit the opposite as the franchise swings for an all-time emotional high in this penultimate chapter.

An insanely intense and heavy 3rd act give us showdowns and resolutions begging for discussion.

We humbly ask you to help us bear through high school Drama, unanswered questions, Lavender's crazyness and once again - another Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.


13:40 - Act I

51:14 - Trivia

57:40 - Act II

1:24:55 - Different Takes

1:32:15 - Act III

2:01:16 - Ratings / Final Thoughts

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