Captain America: Civil War - Spoilercast #32

Captain America: Civil War - Spoilercast #32

War breaks out on the podcast as Chris and Drew break down Marvel's massive 2016 MCU blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, in this epic spoiler episode.

 Join Chris and Drew as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Captain America: Civil War, the 3rd Chris Evans-led film, in Marvel's Cinematic Universe from 2016.

This is basically another Avengers movie! Does Cap get his due amidst all of these characters?

Spider-Man is FINALLY back with Marvel. We all know how we feel about our friendly neighbourhood web-crawler - but does Spidey fit in this 12-movie deep saga?

Anthony and Joe Russo delivered a nearly-perfect (arguably) sequel to The First Avenger with The Winter Solider. Can they top themselves with an even tougher task?

These comic book movie villains...they suck right? Does Civil War finally give us a worthy villain?

Strap in and prepare for a cast of epic proportions as we decide whether this is a war worth having.



5:25 - Previous Films

24:23 - Act I

1:01:51 - Trivia

1:05:26 - Act II

1:42:06 - Different Takes

1:52:33 - Act III

2:25:41 - Ratings/Final Thoughts


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