The Worst Movies Of 2016! - Spoilercast #50

The Worst Movies Of 2016! - Spoilercast #50

If you've seen a movie from 2016 you'll hear us talk about it in our epic 2-part spoiler episode breaking down the best and worst of 2016's Movie catalogue, from beginning to end.

Join Chris and Chris (The Film Freak) on this annual special Movie Countdown episode dedicated entirely (with SPOILERS) to the greatness and hot garbage of 2016's Year in Film!

We gather for an epic 2-parter breaking down the films released in 2016. From the dumps of January to the gold of December, from Yoga Hosers to La La Land, we count down the worst and best movies of the year from #100 all the way down to the vaunted #1 Best Picture of the Year - for us.

We award each category of the Academy Awards for fun and debate the Top 10 Best and Worst Movies of the Year.

Suicide Squad, Moonlight, Max Steel, Sing Street, Swiss Army Man, Finding Dory, Deadpool, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Fences, Rogue One, Zootopia, Moana, Captain America: Civil War, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Train to Busan, Manchester By The Sea - all discussed in this epic countdown.

We give score ratings to the 100 movies we discuss - offering a very wide variety of discussion, films and genres. From action films to dark, depressing dramas - if it came out in 2016 we've got you covered. If you're worried about being spoiled, when you hear us announce the name of the movie, just fast forward 60 seconds and we're on to the next one.

It all builds in an epic countdown to our Greatest Film of 2016!


5:30 - Pre-Game Talk

14:14 - It Has Begun

18:41 - Top 10 Worst (100-91)

45:41 - 90-81

1:11:05 - 80-71

1:42:50 - 70-61

2:10:01 - 60-51

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The Best Movies Of 2016! - Spoilercast #50

The Best Movies Of 2016! - Spoilercast #50

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