Blood Lake - Spoilercast #62

Blood Lake - Spoilercast #62

A chunky killer cowboy is loose on the podcast as The Film Freak helps break down, from beginning to divine end, the 1987 indie slasher film, Blood Lake, in this spoiler episode.

Join Chris & Chris as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Blood Lake, the 1987 indie horror slasher film directed by Tim Boggs & starring Angela Darter Duckett.

To begin our 2nd month of horror on the podcast we finally cover the campy slasher that is not only a special movie for The Film Freak but it's also an all-time kind of mystery with an unprecedented ending!

We've got a standard horror movie plot...but with a twist. There's an insanely mysterious & ominous killer cowboy stalking young partying knife fodder.

What separates this rare cult classic is: Hilarious water skiing fails, some of the most questionable parenting of the 80s, endless boat trips, a super scary killer cam AND a literal act of God!

Join Chris & The Film Freak as they endure gory-ish kills, a perplexing killer reveal and more pink socks than we're comfortable with.


10:00 - Act I

34:40 - Act II

52:04 - Act III

1:14:58 - Different Take

1:19:50 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

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