Resident Evil Film Series - Spoilercast #43

Resident Evil Film Series - Spoilercast #43

Zombies, Badass Chicks, Monsters, Slo-Mo, Video Game References - all covered in this epic solo spoiler episode where Chris breaks down the entire Resident Evil Film Series!

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) the ENTIRE Resident Evil Film Series. From the original in 2002 to the Final Chapter in 2017 - Chris breaks down each entry and then ranks the popular(?) horror action movie franchise.

Paul W.S Anderson directs 4 of the entries, including the original, and writes the whole zombie series based on the incredibly beloved video game franchise.

Chris dissects the techno-filled original Resident Evil, braves the Apocalypse, survives Extinction, returns from Afterlife, suffers Retribution and caps off the 15-year film series with a full breakdown of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Is the best video game movie somewhere in this 6-part saga?

Is Milla Jovovich a badass-enough heroine to keep the series entertaining for so long?

Help Chris reveal the secrets of Umbrella, the Red Queen, Wesker and the scariest of them all - Paul W.S. Anderson!


3:13 - Resident Evil Review

18:12 - RE Rating

19:02 - Resident Evil: Apocalypse Review

31:13 - Apocalypse Rating

32:17 - Resident Evil Extinction Review

44:15 - Extinction Rating

45:35 - Resident Evil Afterlife Review

58:38 - Afterlife Rating

59:25 - Resident Evil: Retribution Review

1:16:26 - Retribution Rating

1:16:58 - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review

1:40:57 - The Final Chapter Rating

1:43:07 - Series Rankings

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