Furious 7 - Spoilercast #47

Furious 7 - Spoilercast #47

We are bombarded by fast cars, bald men and explosions as Chris breaks down 2015's mega-blockbuster action movie, Furious 7, in our 47th spoiler episode.

Early episode alert! Due to a technical issue with Spoilercast #46 (Power Rangers) we are releasing #47 early as we take a bit to fix #46.

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) Furious Seven, the 2015 blockbuster action movie sequel directed by James Wan and starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Jason Statham and Kurt Russell with a special appearance by Ronda Rousey!

Justin Lin has left the high-octane 'The Fast and the Furious' franchise in the hands of Aquaman director, James Wan. Can Wan out-do Lin and leave an impressive stamp in the series' 7th entry?

No more prequels to Tokyo Drift! We finally get caught up in the epic F & F timeline as Jason Statham joins the cast, as the villain, on a warpath that gives us a Statham VS Rock fight!!!

This billion dollar film takes the action to a whole new level. But does it double-jump the shark? Do all of the bald men and fast cars deliver the goods?

We globe-trot from LA to Abu Dhabi all leading to a climatic mega-battle that includes an absurd amount of car deaths.

Most importantly, this is the final film in the series for the late Paul Walker (RIP) and they give the Buster quite the sendoff.

Does it all work for Chris? How does it fare among the rest of the series? Prepare yourself for muscles, engines, one-liners, baby oil and Wiz Khalifa as we lead up to The Fate of the Furious!


10:56 - Act I

28:13 - Act II

40:00 - Act III

57:36 - Different Take

1:01:19 - Rating/Final Thoughts

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