AVP: Alien VS Predator - Spoilercast #54

AVP: Alien VS Predator - Spoilercast #54

Chris gets trophy-hunted AND face-hugged on the podcast as he breaks down, from beginning to PredAlien end, the 2004 crossover event film, AVP: Alien VS Predator, in this spoiler episode.

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) AVP: Alien VS Predator, the big crossover sci-fi horror action event film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

This epic franchise-blender of a movie features a classic horror premise as well as both the uber-famous Xenomorph & Predator! Does it work for Chris? How does it compare the classic originals?

An ancient pyramid is discovered under the ice of Antarctica. We set up a hardcore battle between 2 extraterrestrial behemoths while also exploring the origins of civilization!

A polarizing 3rd act with an unlikely team-up for the big boss showdown all leave Chris about to burst. But does all of this live up to the potential of both beloved movie series'?

Join Chris en route to Alien: Covenant!


13:21 - Act I

26:14 - Act II

35:58 - Act III

51:01 - Different Take

54:38 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

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How does the 1st epic AVP crossover fare for you? Let us know!

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