Spider-Man - Spoilercast #59

Spider-Man - Spoilercast #59

Your friendly neighbourhood web-head swings his way through the podcast as we break down, from beginning to classic end, 2002's Spider-Man in this spoiler episode.

Join Chris & Vincent as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Spider-Man, the 2002 blockbuster comic book movie, starring Tobey MaGuire and directed by Sam Raimi.

We begin our journey through the original Spidey trilogy with a review of the film that brought superheroes to the mega-budget level in this long-awaited and classic origin story of our friendly neighborhood web-head.

The 1st chapter of Raimi's originals features a 'teenage' Peter Parker, a great cast and a classic setup for the wallcrawler's 1st major villain - the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe didn't even need makeup)!

It's a tough balancing act as we witness the birth of Spider-Man in a rollercoaster of both charming fun and devastating tragedy.

PLUS! Groundbreaking web-slinging scenes, big budget Spidey action, THE classic superhero dilemmas, major consequences AND life lessons learned - But, does it hold up?

Join Chris & Vinnie in all of this and more leading up to 2017's (and for the 1st time - Marvel's) Spider-Man: Homecoming.


14:02 - Act I

42:56 - Act II

1:14:45 - Act III

1:45:26 - Different Take

1:49:44 - Ratings/Final Thoughts

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Did Spidey's big budget debut make a true believer out of you? Let us know!

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