Horrorcast II: Chucky Series - Spoilercast #67

Horrorcast II: Chucky Series - Spoilercast #67

Chucky cuts up the podcast as Chris breaks down every film in the Chucky Movie Series, ranging from 1988 to 2017, in this 2nd special & spoilerific episode dedicated to Horror.

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS) the ENTIRE Chucky Series. From the original in 1988 to 2017's latest chapter - Chris breaks down each entry and then ranks the popular(?) horror slasher movie franchise.

Don Mancini writes the whole killer doll film series, even directing the last 3 entries, all starring the legendary Brad Dourif in his most famous role - Chucky!

First, we begin in the creepy & inspired 80s full of dark atmosphere & real world terrors in Child's Play.

Second, we walk a bloodier yet direct path to sequeltown in Child's Play 2.

Third, we questionably enlist at a joke of a military school in Child's Play 3.

Fourth, Ronny Yu changes the whole game...with marriage! in Bride of Chucky.

Fifth, we venture to Hollywood for a disgusting parody nobody was ready for in Seed of Chucky.

Sixth, we soft reboot back to the horror roots and introduce a bold new star! in Curse of Chucky.

Finally, we go crazy at a mental hospital and confront Chucky's army in a next-level gory showdown in Cult of Chucky.

This is a gauntlet episode full of screaming murderous dolls, blood, guts, other..bodily..secretions and even a literal death by fright!

*Warning: Chucky screams alot. Like alot*


Child's Play Review - 5:48

Child's Play Rating - 30:45

Child's Play 2 Review - 32:47

Child's Play 2 Rating - 50:23

Child's Play 3 Review - 51:31

Child's Play 3 Rating - 1:09:32

Bride of Chucky Review - 1:11:00

Bride of Chucky Rating - 1:39:54

Seed of Chucky Review - 1:41:15

Seed of Chucky Rating - 2:11:11

Curse of Chucky Review - 2:12:48

Curse of Chucky Rating - 2:37:35

Cult of Chucky Review - 2:39:07

Cult of Chucky Rating - 3:08:00

Top Kills - 3:11:36

Series Rankings - 3:14:43

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Want to watch the movies themselves? Well we've conveniently got all the Amazon links right here:

I. Child's Play II. Child's Play 2 III. Child's Play 3 IV: Bride of Chucky V: Seed of Chucky VI: Curse of Chucky VII: Cult of Chucky

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