Lost Episode: The Grey - Spoilercast #63

Lost Episode: The Grey - Spoilercast #63

Liam Neeson shepherds the podcast as Chris breaks down, from somber beginning to transcendent ending, The Grey, in this lost spoiler episode.

Join Chris as he analyzes & reviews (with FULL SPOILERS), The Grey, the 2011 survival thriller film directed by Joe Carnahan & starring Liam Neeson.

An Alaskan oil rig crew's plane goes down in the wilderness & forces the survivors to battle a pack of monstrous wolves!

Sounds like a good plan for a fun, but silly, B-movie right? The trailer certainly promised an epic Neeson Vs Wolf fight - but marketing can sometimes be misleading. Is that a bad thing? Is this film just another Taken with the hounds of hell...or is it something real?

This tense & dark action/drama coldly slips us into a waking nightmare with one of the scariest movie plane crashes of all time!

Deeper into the fray we go as we explore the philosophical nature of death with a contemplative yet deeply challenging existential statement.

This in-depth review also has Chris discussing a wide-spread theory that could change the entire film.

Plus we endure several hard-to-watch moments & bear witness to *quite possibly* Liam Neeson's greatest acting.


ACT I - 10:39

ACT II - 29:10

ACT III - 45:50


RATING - 1:06:32

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