The Worst Movies Of 2017! - Spoilercast #71

The Worst Movies Of 2017! - Spoilercast #71

It gets epic on the podcast as Chris and The Film Freak break down, from January to December, The Worst Movies Of 2017 in Part 1 of our 2nd annual Movie Countdown.

Join Chris & The Film Freak as they analyze & review (with MINIMAL SPOILERS) the entire Year of 2017 in Film, in Part 1 of our massive annual Movie Countdown!

From January dumps to December Oscar Bait, we break down 100 movies each in an epic countdown to awarding our Oscars & #1 Film of the Year.

In this 1st part we dissect our Bottom 50 of 2017 which includes the white hot garbage & our award for Worst Movie of 2017! We have a possible contender for worst of all-time & we take a pounding from the likes of The Rock & The Bye Bye Man.

We continue on with the heavy hitters - enduring Gerard Butler in space, Dax Shephard in a downward spiral, confused dramas & one of the worst flops in box office history.

We suffer Michael Bay, David Ayer, Will Ferrell, the worst Fast & Furious rip-off, the ONE movie that The Film Freak vetoed this year & plenty of forgettables that need to be called out.

We explore several straight-to-streaming & Netflix titles including several horror icons that just can't get themselves in theaters anymore.

Chris & Chris break down the most confusing stories of 2017, a couple of King Arthur flicks while discovering A Dog's Purpose & entering The Void.

Finally, we begin to see the light with a few recommends courtesy of Charlize Theron.


The Film Freak's Worst Movie of 2017 - 10:44

Chris' Worst Movie of 2017 - 16:15

The Film Freak's Top 10 Worst - 21:30

Chris' Top 10 Worst - 41:30

The Film Freak's 90-81 - 1:06:46

Chris' 90-81 - 1:29:07

The Film Freak's 80-71 - 1:51:46

Chris' 80-71 - 2:07:46

The Film Freak's 70-61 - 2:26:57

Chris' 70-61 - 2:44:10

The Film Freak's 60-51 - 3:06:24

Chris' 60-51 - 3:21:31

Dishonorable Mentions - 3:41:52

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