The Best Movies Of 2017! - Spoilercast #72

The Best Movies Of 2017! - Spoilercast #72

It gets award-worthy on the podcast as Chris and The Film Freak break down, from January to December, The Best Movies Of 2017 in Part 2 of our 2nd annual Movie Countdown.

Join Chris & The Film Freak as they analyze & review (with MINIMAL SPOILERS) the entire Year of 2017 in Film, in Part 2 of our massive annual Movie Countdown!

From early-year contenders to the late-year Oscar rush, we break down 100 movies each in an epic countdown to awarding our own Academy Awards & our UNANIMOUS winner for #1 Film of 2017!

In this 2nd part we praise our Top 50, which includes the best of the best, while indulging in our favorite movies like John Wick: Chapter 2, Jordan Peele's directorial debut & some films completely snubbed by the Academy. But can we agree on how good they are?

The debates begin very quickly! With The Last Jedi, Darkest Hour, Beauty and the Beast, Pennywise & even Ridley Scott we have some very surprising & controversial picks early on.

We see some major differences in our ratings with the likes of Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, Baby Driver & several Netflix titles. But we can definitely agree that Aubrey Plaza delivered a star-making performance.

The debate rages on as we try to decide just how good some of the year's best really are, including: Split, Wonder, A Ghost Story, Mother!, Get Out, War for the Planet of the Apes, The Lost City of Z & Detroit.

And finally, we award our own Oscars while analyzing the amazing Willem Dafoe in The Florida Project, the neon synth of Good Time, Coco, Lady Bird, even a great Charlie Hunnam performance AND...the best Batman movie?

All en route to our unified pick for the Best Movie of 2017.


The Film Freak's 50-41 - 10:17

Chris' 50-41 - 40:24

The Film Freak's 40-31 - 1:06:56

Chris' 40-31 - 1:30:30

The Film Freak's 30-21 - 2:01:37

Chris' 30-21 - 2:32:32

The Film Freak's 20-11 - 2:58:16

Chris' 20-11 - 3:23:47

Top 15 Most Anticipated of 2018 - 3:48:33

The Film Freak's 10-2 - 3:56:26

Chris' 10-2 - 4:22:22

Amanda's Top 10 - 4:50:20

The #1 Film of 2017! - 4:53:30

Honorable Mentions - 5:07:45

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