Spider-Man 3 - Spoilercast #75

Spider-Man 3 - Spoilercast #75

Venom desperately arrives to the podcast as Chris & Vincent break down, from intense beginning to heart-breaking end, the 3rd and final chapter of Sam Raimi's webslinger trilogy, Spider-Man 3, in our 75th spoiler episode.

Join Chris & Vincent as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Spider-Man 3, the 2007 blockbuster comic book movie trilogy capper starring Tobey MaGuire & directed by Sam Raimi.

We end our journey of the original Marvel Spidey film trilogy with a hilarious breakdown of the one of the most anticipated blockbusters of all-time. In this 3rd & final chapter of the Raimi series we get fired up as Sony begins butchering the name of Spider-Man!

Things are going spectacularly well for Peter Parker until he discovers a secret about Uncle Ben's murder & must deal with the consequences Harry Osborn's revenge. On top of that, we get the big screen realization of the classic villain, Sandman! Oh, also the black ooze of plot from Prometheus makes a cameo.

We've got a multitude of characters & an emotional ending to dissect, fast & furious Spidey action to praise, an iconic black suit to fanboy over, a jazz club scene to loathe, franchise rankings & thoughts, James Franco's distracting lazy eye & a very oddly placed Bruce Campbell cameo.

Is that an amnesia plot thread in our trilogy ender!?

Can James Franco sell both being a villain & a goofy love triangle? Is Sandman a worthy villain? Is Flint Marko even a character? What's with Peter Parker being a domestic abuser? How bad does Kirsten Dunst want out of this movie? How bad does Eddie Brock want in? Will Sam Raimi ever answer Venom's phone calls? Will Chris find a way to bring up the theme song from Maximum Carnage?

All Raimi roads lead to Bernard the butler!

Join Chris & Vincent en route to Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Homecoming from 2017 & Sony's Venom from 2018.


ACT I - 23:00

ACT II - 56:26

ACT III - 1:20:44



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