Predator - Spoilercast #74

Predator - Spoilercast #74

Arnold finally arrives on the podcast as we break down from arm-wrestling beginning to explosive end, Predator, the 1987 classic action horror film that you quote all the time.

Join Chris, Jeff & Vincent as they analyze & review (with FULL SPOILERS) Predator, the classic 1987 action horror film directed by John McTiernan & starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the prime of his cigar-chomping career.

We enter the Central American jungle to follow Dutch & his badass rescue crew as they are hunted by one of the most iconic creatures in cinematic history.

This is a supremely confident, mega-machismo war movie..but there's a hint of horror..then it's a gloriously gory slasher with beach ball biceps..& then it becomes the greatest showdown put to screen!
..or is it?

Was that opening shot a mistake? Is Bill Duke's performance secretly the best part of the movie? Do Dutch & the Colonel have a hidden past? Is that the most undignified death scream we've ever heard?

That 3rd act. Kinda memorable, right? But was it the best choice for the story? Is it even a good fight? Is there a better battle cry in film?

Join us as we dive through more Predator history than we're comfortable with, come up with a death scene for Billy, choose our favorite kill, get silly with the line recitals, & prepare ourselves for 2018's (& Shane Black's) The Predator!


ACT I - 33:42

ACT II - 1:05:00

ACT III - 1:39:58


RATINGS - 2:12:06

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